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Writing & Office Supplies

Oji F-Tex papers for writing and office supplies have a number of functions that are not normally available with ordinary paper, such as opacity, transparency, water resistance, water repellence and low dust emission. In this way, we have used technology honed over many years to commercialize products that meet customers’ needs.

OK Rain Guard


Purpose: Writing & Office Supplies

In spite of its water-repellent properties, this paper can be used in offset printing and laser printers. It also has excellent writing properties typical of paper, and is suited to recycling as waste paper. Its water-repellent property lends it to use in envelopes and frozen food packaging. When used in food contact situations, it includes a grade that is free of fluorescent dyes.

Functions Water repellence / writability / printability / resistance to warping in high humidity
Purpose Printed matter, notebooks, packaging and labels that could be temporarily exposed to rain, sweat or water
Examples of use Golf scorecards / event maps / envelope paper / outdoor questionnaire paper / frozen food packaging paper
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Privacy Guard

ppr en1

Purpose: Writing & Office Supplies

We have developed a non-transparent envelope paper for protecting personal details, confidential information, etc. Using the same color for both front and back, we have managed to achieve a balance between 80% whiteness and 99% opacity. With this, sensitive information inside envelopes can be protected even without background tint printing.

Functions Secrecy, high opacity / writability
Purpose Envelopes
Example of use Envelopes
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Hi-Corona Form

hi corona n

Purpose: Writing & Office Supplies

Carbon-backed paper of outstanding quality, with different coating on the front and back of the paper. The front is coated with pigments that improve printability and carbon receptivity. The reverse is coated with dyes to enhance carbon transfer, making it possible to reduce the quantity of carbon ink applied.

Function Carbon affinity
Purpose Delivery slips
Example of use Delivery slips

Luxury watercolor paper

koukyuu suisai n

Purpose: Writing & Office Supplies

“Watson” luxury watercolor paper is a natural white, top-class watercolor paper made by laying a medium-grade “blanket” (woven from felt) on both front and back surfaces. This product is characterized by a rich, warm drape on both front and back. The durable surface, consisting mainly of cotton fibers, is eraser-resistant and ideal for drawing, sketching and parsing. It has good affinity to paints, charcoal and pastels, and allows particularly good expression of watercolor paints.

Functions Watercolor affinity / acid-free paper
Purpose Paper for watercolor and other paintings
Examples of use Watercolor painting, drawing, sketching, etc.



Purpose: Medical & Cosmetics / Writing & Office Supplies

This is a glassine product with further enhanced transparency. It is used in envelope windows, drug wrappers and various types of packaging, among others. As film is not used in windowed envelopes, this product promotes protection of the environment and recycling of resources.

Functions Transparency / recyclability
Purpose Envelope windows / drug wrappers / various types of packaging
Examples of use Business envelope windows / drug wrappers (used after laminate processing)

OK Clean RN

ok clean rn

Purpose: Writing & Office Supplies / Electronic Components, Electrical Materials & Semiconductors / Manufacturing, Agriculture & Industrial Materials

Paper for use inside clean rooms where semiconductors and precision instruction are made, or in connection with medical treatment, etc. Made from carefully selected pulp and impregnated with special resin for ultra-low dust emissions, this paper combines printability (PPC, inkjet, offset, etc.) with writability.

Function Low dust emission
Purpose Office paper, work process labels and others inside clean rooms
Examples of use Office paper / notebooks / work slips / handling instructions
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