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A Core Functional Materials Company of Oji Holdings Corporation

Oji F-Tex is engaged in developing new products and technology as a core Functional Materials Company of Oji Holdings Corporation. With a history of more than 120 years and a new corporate structure, Oji F-Tex understands market needs and manufactures a variety of functional products with the aim of enriching people’s lives. In doing so, we draw on our experience in special paper and our advanced processing technology, papermaking technology, film technology and others cultivated until now.

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Established October 1, 2004
Paid-in Capital 350,000,000 yen
Employees 927 (as of March 31, 2023)
Shareholder Oji Holdings Corporation 100%
Main Business

Manufacture, processing and sale of paper, pulp and their by-products.

Manufacture, processing and sale of synthetic resin processed products, packaging materials, chemicals and nonwoven fabrics.

Head Office

MAP3rd floor, Oji Holdings No.1 Bldg., 12-8, Ginza 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5550-3041 FAX: +81-3-5550-2947

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General Affairs and Human Resources Department +81-3-5550-3071 +81-3-5550-2947
Planning and Administration Department +81-3-5550-3072 +81-3-5550-2947
Sales Division Marketing & Sales Administration Dept. +81-3-5550-3100 +81-3-5550-3101
Food Contact & Medical Materials Sales Dept.
Industrial Functional Materials Sales Dept.
Advanced Films Sales Dept.
Speciality Paper Sales Dept.
Release Sheets & Base Paper Sales Dept.
Marketing and Development Dept.
Technical Division Technology Dept. +81-3-5550-3099 +81-3-5550-3101
Quality Assurance Dept. +81-3-5550-3099 +81-3-5550-3101
Safety & Environmental Management Office +81-3-5550-3099 +81-3-5550-3101

Sales Branches

Nishinihon Sales Branch

MAP1-4-8, Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0056, Japan
TEL:+81-6-7639-3601 FAX:+81-6-7639-3591

Chubu Sales Branch

MAPOji Fudousan Kachigawa Bldg., 6-140, Kachigawacho, Kasugai-shi, Aichi 486-0945, Japan
TEL:+81-568-35-5070 FAX:+81-568-33-5570


Ebetsu Mill

1, Oji-cho, Ebetsu-shi, Hokkaido 067-0001, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-11-384-7311 FAX:+81-11-384-3516

Nakatsu Mill

3465-1, Nakatsugawa, Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu Prefecture 508-8686, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-573-66-1152 FAX:+81-573-66-2412

Shiga Mill

65, Asakuni, Konan-shi, Shiga Prefecture 520-3251, japanMAP
TEL:+81-748-72-2691 FAX:+81-748-72-2838

Tokai Mill

1157-1, Nakanogo, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-3306, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-545-81-4633 FAX:+81-545-81-1302

Tokai Mill Manufacturing Dept.

Nakanogo 1157-1, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 421-3306, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-545-81-0075 FAX:+81-545-81-1303

Fuji Factory

14-1, Maeda, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 416-0937, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-545-62-8888 FAX:+81-545-62-8855

Shibakawa Factory

1231-2, Habuna, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 419-0316, JapanMAP
TEL:+81-544-65-1211 FAX:+81-544-65-1923

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