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Privacy Guard

Opaque paper to guard privacy

Given the increasing importance of protecting personal information and corporate data, measures to prevent leakage of information are paramount. “Privacy Guard” was developed with this need in mind. Though it has the same basis weight (80g/m2) as ordinary envelope paper, it achieves opacity of more than 99%.


High opacity of more than 99%

As personal information and corporate data become increasingly important, measures to prevent information leakage by making it difficult to see contents are now essential when sending invoices, applications, notification forms, confidential documents, etc. Methods used to this end include background print processing on the insides of envelopes and the use of double envelopes. This paper, developed by applying the technology cultivated in our development of tissue paper, maximizes opacity to a high level of more than 99% (*) using envelope paper with normal basis weight (80g/m2). The use of a white color scheme with no difference in hue between front and back means there is no loss of design features in envelopes. This paper also has excellent affinity to gluing and other essential processes used when making envelopes.
(*) The opacity of conventional envelope paper is around 92%. To achieve the same opacity, the basis weight had to be increased to 200g/m2 or more (compared to Oji F-Tex).

Comparison of opacity

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Simplified manufacturing process

Because processes such as reverse-side printing and duplication used in the conventional manufacture of confidential envelopes can be omitted, environmental load can be reduced and work efficiency improved.


  • Data protection envelopes
  • Blindfold seals
  • Trifold postcards (confidential postcards)


Privacy Guard is available in two types, 80g/m2 and 100g/m2.

Basis weight80g/m2 (788×1091mm)vertical / (788×1091mm)horizontal / (900×1200mm)vertical
100g/m2 (788×1091mm)horizontal / (900×1200mm)vertical
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