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Oji F-Tex uses technology in the field of electronics and electric materials to develop film with minimal optical defects. We have a full line-up of products for special industrial uses, including film for templates and covering film for manufacturing processes. We have also developed light diffusion control sheets using a micro-groove structure, and have achieved angles of diffusion in line with customers’ requirements.

Alphan industrial film


Purpose: Optics

We have developed the “Alphan high-grade type” as a product with maximal control of additive formulation. Harnessing the surface inertia peculiar to polypropylene film, this product can be used as release film without the need to coat with a release agent. Thanks to rigorous quality control, we manufacture products with transparency uncontaminated by impurities and with excellent surface smoothness. These are used for electronic applications with aversion to ultra-fine irregularities, and as process paper for optics.

Functions Transparency / surface smoothness / release properties
Purpose Process paper for electronic and optical materials, various types of covering film
Examples of use Process film for insulating resin, etc. / protective film for various adhesive tapes

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Nano Buckling


Purpose: Optics

These are light diffusion control sheets featuring a micro-groove structure (“Nano Buckling”). The pitch and height of surface irregularities can be controlled using our own surface microstructure formation technology, while the diffusivity, anisotropy (directional independence) and other aspects of transmitted light can also be controlled. As a result, these products are used in copiers and others that can make efficient use of anisotropy. Because they have higher transmittance than ordinary diffusion elements, they suffer little loss of lighting intensity or display brightness, leading to potential energy-saving effects.

Functions Transmittance / diffusion angle
Purpose Improved balance of LED lighting / linearization of scanner light sources / controlled light distribution of displays / light diffusion of edge lights / controlled light distribution of LED light sources
Examples of use Copiers, internal lighting of test equipment / tunnel and street lighting / display illumination (automobiles, TVs)

Film Separate (release film)


Purpose: Electronic Components, Electrical Materials & Semiconductors / Optics / Manufacturing, Agriculture & Industrial Materials

We use silicone coating and finishing equipment to make this product in a Class 1000 clean environment, enabling us to supply products with reliable quality. As well as adjustment of release strength from light to heavy release grade, antistatic and coloring treatments are also available.

Functions Smoothness / glossiness / transparency / water resistance / cleanness / dimension stability
Purpose Protecting adhesive surfaces in displays and surrounding components
Examples of use Displays & electronic component protection / double-sided tape / shatterproofing
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