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There is no clear definition of “Fancy Paper”. In general, it nearly always refers to high-quality colored paper that appeals to the human senses with its color or pattern, its texture, etc. Fancy paper is used in various fields such as publishing, commercial printing and paper products. We produce around 3,000 types of fancy paper with 100 patterns and 1,000 colors, using a variety of raw materials and patterning devices.

High-class printer paper

This product has added texture while maintaining high print reproducibility.
It suits a variety of printing needs, including posters and text for photo collections.


Paper with various added textures.
This is ideal if you want to print on paper that is not only white.
Includes interesting textures imitating washi Japanese paper and kraft paper.


Thick paper that can be used for cards, boxes and tags in a single sheet.
Includes a full range of colors and textures.


Paper with pearl coating, giving it a characteristic sheen when seen from certain angles.
For weddings and other formal occasions when you want to create a high-class look.

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Paper with embossed patterns, embedded materials and other playful features.
Can be used in various ways, including printing and hot stamping.

Cast, Others

Paper with cast processing, characterized by a smooth and glossy surface.
Includes both single- and double-sided varieties.

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