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We make sheets from all kinds of materials, including paper, film and multi-fiber.

At Oji F-Tex, we gather, apply and build various technologies based on papermaking technology, processing technology and film-making technology, while using our company’s seeds to broadly meet our customers’ needs and wants.

Business Fields

In Oji F-Tex’s business, 140 years of papermaking experience forms the cornerstone of our product development. We have perfected our papermaking and coating technology, helping us to develop many paper products with characteristics including “thin but opaque”, “thin but strong” and “light but thick”. As papermaking experts, we will continue to challenge the development not only of paper but also of other higher value-added products.
In our film business, we have developed a wide range of products, including the world’s thinnest film, optical film, industrial film and packaging film. One of our Group companies has established an Advanced Film Research Center inside our Shiga Mill, and we will invest even more energy in developing film products from now on.
We are also meeting the challenge of forming sheets from various materials by applying and enhancing combinations of fiber miniaturization, pigment dispersion and other technologies. And we are creating new value in a number of ways, such as by making fiber sheets and developing composite materials with added functions in line with customer requirements, including the use of glass fibers, carbon fibers and plastic materials.

Technical Fields and Possibilities

We will continue to create products with new functions by drawing on Oji F-Tex’s broad-ranging experience and knowhow in areas including “papermaking”, “paper processing”, “pigment dispersion technology”, “fiber miniaturization” and “film-making”, and further expanding our range of technologies.

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Order-made and customized products also available

Order-made and customized products also available Oji F-Tex products are used for a variety of purposes as base materials for products in various sectors, including food and medicines, steel, automobiles, housing, electrical appliances, electronics, printing, and other services, as well as their respective manufacturing processes. In line with customers’ preferences and their various objectives, our expert sales staffs provide a swift and courteous responses drawing on the Oji Group network .

Striving to develop new products and technologies

At Oji F-Tex, we are striving to develop new products and technologies in collaboration with the R&D Division of Oji Holdings.
As well as the core technologies of “papermaking”, “paper processing” and “film-making” cultivated by Oji F-Tex to date, we are also challenging the new technologies of composite materials and nano-imprints to develop new products not bound by pre-existing concepts.
We seek partner companies who will join us in developing processed products and their uses.

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