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OK Rain Guard

This water-repellent paper for printing(*) has been developed for use outdoors or in other situations where it could get wet. It can be used in multicolor offset printing and laser printing using dampening agents, which used to be difficult with conventional water-repellent paper.


Excellent water repellence and water resistance

Because it is resistant against rain and moisture and has excellent water repellence and water resistance, it is suited to a variety of situations such as leisure goods used outdoors, building sites, and packaging paper for frozen or refrigerated foods susceptible to condensation.

Golf score cards


Though water-repellent paper, it can be made with a high basis weight, making it ideal as card paper. For keeping sports records.

Leisure goods


Ideally suited to handling instructions for leisure gear used outdoors, or in building sites and other places exposed to rain.

Guide maps


With its high water repellence, colored pencils or pens (oil-based) can be used to write on maps in rainy weather.

Luncheon mats


As it is safer than ordinary paper, this product is suited for use as tray liners in fast food restaurants, etc.

Ski lift tickets


Even under harsh conditions such as ski slopes in snow, printing will not distort due to paper deformation if using “OK Rain Guard”.

Envelopes, DM


Envelopes made of “OK Rain Guard” will protect their contents from rain.

Can be printed using offset printing and laser printers

With its bright white color tone, this water-repellent paper can still cope with fine multicolor offset printing. Laser printing is also possible with improved toner fixing, ensuring superior quality.

Comparison of toner peeling using the sellotape pick method

Conventional product

Conventional product




Printer: Canon Image PRESS C1
Printing: Normal paper mode, OK Rain Guard: 104.7g/m2
* We recommend “Thick paper mode” printing

“Natural grade” made without fluorescent dyes

“Natural” OK Rain Guard is made without fluorescent dyes, so can be used with reassurance for various food-related purposes, including fresh food labels, packaging paper for frozen and refrigerated foods, tray liners for fast food restaurants, and luncheon mats. Thanks to its high water repellence, there is little moisture penetration, making it hygienic to use, while waviness of printed patterns can be minimized.



OK Rain Guard is available in two grades, “Standard” (fluorescent) and “Natural” (non-fluorescent).

Standard grade 64.0 81.4 104.7 127.9 157 200(g/㎡)
Natural grade 64.0 81.4 (g/㎡)
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