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Automotive & Railways

Oji F-Tex products are also widely used in automobiles and railways, where reliability is of crucial importance. We supply a broad range of products to the automotive and railway sectors, including volatile corrosion inhibitor  paper (VCI paper) to protect metals from rust and oil sheets for use in transmission components. GLASPER  (glass fiber nonwoven fabric)  is used as a composite material in areas where dimensional stability is required.

GLASPER (glass fiber nonwoven fabric)


Purpose: Construction, Building Decor & Furniture / Electronic Components, Electrical Materials & Semiconductors / Automotive & Railways / Manufacturing, Agriculture & Industrial Materials

This low-density glass fiber nonwoven fabric is easy to impregnate with various resins. Thanks to its excellent corrugating properties, it is also suitable as a substrate for corrugated filters. And by laminating with low-strength filtering material, it can be used as a substrate for pleated filters. Pressure loss is kept in check by the high porosity.

Functions Electrical insulation / dimensional stability / elasticity / heat resistance / corrosion resistance / durability
Purpose FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) / electrical uses (wiring boards)
Examples of use

Roofing material, ceiling material, non-combustible wall material, surface material, flooring material, etc. / automobile molding ceiling material / mosquito coil underlay

Magnetic recording paper

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Purpose: Automotive & Railways

This is used for train tickets and car park tickets, among others. Compared to IC cards and the like, it is a relatively low-priced storage medium. We can meet a range of requirements from base material to final rolled products.

Functions Magnetic properties / printability / curl properties
Purpose Recording media using magnetism
Examples of use Train tickets / car park tickets / entry tickets

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Paper / Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Film


Purpose: Automotive & Railways

We offer a range of anti-corrosion paper made from base paper with controlled pH (an indicator for hydrogen ions), suited for use with various metals including steel. Because this is an impregnated type, it is characterized by both immediate and long-term stable effects (*). Unlike the coated type, it does not cause the problem of anti-corrosion agents emitted in powdered form.
(*) Varies depending on temperature and storage conditions.
Functions Anti-corrosion effects / packaging affinity
Purpose Use of volatile and contact corrosion inhibitor effects to prevent rust on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, copper and silver
Examples of use Steel coil packing / automobile component packing / electronic component packing

Separate (release paper)

separate hakuri

Purpose: Automotive & Railways / Construction, Building Decor & Furniture / Electronic Components, Electrical Materials & Semiconductors / Manufacturing, Agriculture & Industrial Materials

This release paper product is made using advanced and reliable coating technology backed by half a century of experience and output. The release strength can be adjusted from light to heavy as required. We can also provide a flexible response with various combinations of double-sided coating, differential release strength between front and back, printing, curl prevention and other features.

Functions Peelability  / differential release / release strength control
Purpose Protection of adhesive surfaces on various substrates
Examples of use Labels, adhesive tape and double-sided tape, process paper, electronic component protection

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