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Food separate paper

Food Separate is a high-quality release paper manufactured by Oji F-Tex.


This is a release paper with excellent peelability and heat resistance for use in liner paper, baking sheets, cup molding and others for steamed bread and Chinese steamed buns.


Oji F-Tex products don’t stick!


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Just the right release level

With the Food Separate developed by Oji F-Tex, release parts (silicone-coated parts) can be combined with non-release parts. It can be given just the right peelability when removing steamed bread, cakes and others from the liner paper (Food Separate). Two-sided coating and silicone patterns can be combined, while the silicone coating is available in four grades (small, medium, large and extra large).

Examples of silicone patterns

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Food hygiene

This product is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and safe.
1. It complies with the Japan Paper Association’s “Voluntary Standards for Paper and Cardboard Intended for Contact with Food”.
2. It complies with the “Standards on Synthetic Resin Apparatus, Containers and Packaging” under the Food Sanitation Act (Ministry of Health & Welfare Notice No.370).

Diversity of base materials

・Glassine paper:    25.8g / 30.5g / 35g / 40g / 43g / 75g
・Wood-free paper:    36g
・Kraft paper:        35g, etc.

Printability / tertiary processing

Inserting a company name, pattern design and other print processing is also possible, as well as shape punching and other tertiary processing. We will cut and supply rolled or sheet products to your preferred size.

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Examples of use



Extremely smooth with stable peelability.

Baking sheets


Heat resistance and peelability suited to cake baking, will not spoil worktops.

Liner paper for Chinese steamed buns


Lets the right amount of steam through for beautiful steaming.

Commercial production line


Has heat resistance and peelability, can be supplied in rolls.

Colored Food Separate

• Colored Food Separate will lose little color even when used for steaming or baking.
• Eight colors are available (white, black, brown, pink, blue, lemon, melon and orange).

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Color fading test examples

 Ministry of Health & Welfare Notice No. 370Independent tests

n- heptane

25℃60 mins.

20% ethano

60℃30 mins.

95℃30 mins.
4% acetic acid
95℃30 mins.
95℃30 mins.
20% sucrose
95℃30 mins.
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