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Film Separate (release film)

Oji F-Tex has a full lineup of film-based release liners, which are broadly used for industrial purposes, electronic component materials, etc.

Base Film

Besides our own OPP film made at the Oji F-Tex Shiga Mill, we also process base films mainly consisting of PET, CPP and PE.

Heat resistanceFlexibilityBase FilmThickness of actual product (㎛)
 en hl ill1 en hl ill2  PET 12, 16, 19, 25, 38, 50, 75, 100, 125
OPP 25, 40, 60, 80 (made by Oji F-Tex)
CPP 70, 100
PE 35, 50, 80, 100

*We will consider processing the thickness of base films other than the above.


We manufacture in a Class 1000 clean environment from coater to finishing, and continuously supply products with reliable quality. The 3-head multi-coater at the Oji F-Tex Shiga Mill can  carry out static prevention and coloring processing at the same time as release processing (maximum product width: 1,600mm).

 Surface release processing

 Surface release processing

Antistatic treatment

Antistatic treatment

 Coloring treatment

Coloring treatment

Release processing

In our ordinary release film using silicone as a release agent, we have a wide-ranging lineup available, from ultra-light release grade with very light release, to heavy release grade (release strength: 40 - 700mN / 30mm). Meanwhile, for purposes where silicone transfer should be avoided, we also provide products made with non silicone-based release agents.

type Silicone-basedNon silicone-based
Condensed typeAdded type
Oji F-Tex code - SL L-9 NSX
Release strength
(m N / 3 0 m m)
60-250 40 70-700 5000-8000
Residual adhesion rate (%) 85-95 85 96 -


We also handle coating other than release agents using clean coaters, and will consider individual requests. Besides release film, Oji F-Tex also has a full range of release papers based on glassine paper and wood-free paper, and would be glad to advise in response to your inquiry.

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