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OK Clean RN

Clean rooms support cutting-edge technology. This ultra-low dust emission office and printer paper is designed to meet their rigorous demands for cleanliness.

Ordinary office and printer papers emit dust, thus compromising the cleanliness of clean rooms. This problem has been solved by “OK Clean RN”. We have achieved ultra-low dust emission by using carefully selected pulp and impregnating it with a special resin.
This product also has the basic functions of paper, including writability and printability by printers, and so can also be used with reassurance inside clean rooms.

Characteristics of OK Clean RN

Exceptionally low dust emission

By using carefully selected pulp and impregnating the base paper with a special resin, we have reinforced the paper so that the fibers do not break up and generate dust even if the paper is rubbed, crumpled or torn.
*Comparative quality data are shown below.

Printing and copying

This paper can be used in ordinary copiers and inkjet printers. It is also compatible with fast screen copying, and can be used for offset, gravure and various other types of printing.

Acid-free paper with good storage properties

Acid-free paper with little impact of discoloring, rusting or erosion due to contact with metal. Displays excellent storage properties.

6 colors to choose from

There are six colors in all. These can be chosen in accordance with the purpose, such as to distinguish from ordinary paper or for document management.
*For more detail about colors, see the “OK Clean RN specifications chart” below.

Also suitable for recycling

Though impregnated with resin, the paper can be defibrillated and recycled. It can then be reused as waste paper pulp.

Balance between reassuring quality and economy

This product results from a fusion between the PPC paper and other printer paper knowhow cultivated over many years, and the cutting-edge technology of special papers. We have achieved reassuring and trustworthy quality. And by integrating all production processes from the pulp stage onwards, we have also achieved a previously unknown level of economy.


Comparative quality data

Comparison of dust emissions with ordinary wood-free paper

Figures relate to dust (particles) with a size of 0.3μm or more

Paper qualityUnitCrumplingRubbingTearingRemarks
OK Clean RN Unit/0.02cf 2.1 2.9 2.6 Oji F-Tex measurements*1
Ordinary wood-free paper Unit/0.02cf 426 3443 162 Reference measurements *2

“Crumpling”, “rubbing” and “tearing” tests were carried out on a clean bench, 0.02cf (cubic feet) of air during the tests was collected, and dust (particles) of 0.3μm and more was measured using a particle counter. (Test device: PMS / LASAIR II 110)
*1) These are typical figures for the sample, and not guaranteed figures.
*2) Reference: Special functional paper 2001, Shigyo Times Co., 482 (2001)
*3) PMS: Particle Measuring Systems, Inc.

OK Clean RN quality chart

 Thickness (mm)Smoothness (seconds)Dust emission volume (unit / 0.02cf)
Measuring method JIS-P8118 J TAPPI No.5-2 *Oji method (0.3μm or more)
OK Clean RN64g/m2 0.084±0.004 35±15 5以下
OK Clean RN72g/m2 0.093±0.004

• To measure dust emissions, we use the Oji method, which applies more rigorous measurement conditions than the conventional SEMI method. This is in order to minimize variation in the measurements as far as possible.
*Oji method (dust emission measurement method)
Crumpling: An A4 sample sheet is held at both short ends and crumpled 24 times for 5 seconds each time (2 minutes).
Rubbing: 14cm×14cm samples are attached to the rotating plate and fixed deck of a rubbing test machine so that the front and back of the samples are laid over each other, then for 2 minutes the samples are rubbed together through rotation contact. Speed of rotating plate: 500rpm, surface pressure of contact plate: torque 1kg/cm
Tearing: Using two A4 sample sheets, 9 incisions are made at 20mm intervals on the short side of each sheet, totaling 18 incisions in all, and the two sample sheets are torn along the incisions in two minutes.

OK Clean RN specifications chart

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SpecificationBasis weightColorDimensionsPacking
A4/T 64g/㎡
250 sheets / pack, 10 packs / case
250 sheets / pack, 10 packs / case

A3/T 64g/㎡
250 sheets / pack, 5 packs / case
250 sheets / pack, 5 packs / case
Shiroku-ban / horizontal 64g/㎡
1091㎜×788㎜ ream weight〈55〉
1091㎜×788㎜ ream weight〈62〉
250sheets / package
250sheets / package
A-honban / horizontal 64g/㎡
880㎜×625㎜ ream weight〈35〉
880㎜×625㎜ ream weight〈39.5〉
250sheets / package
250sheets / package

*Please inquire concerning other dimensions, basis weights, rolled finishes, etc. These are available as custom orders. For more detail, please contact Oji F-Tex.
*The colors of product samples shown may differ from those of actual products, due to the effects of printing and photography.

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