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Snow Crystal

The highest level of whiteness available in Japan.
Ultra-white multi-purpose paper with unique softness and moist texture.

This product expresses ISO whiteness of 100% or more, the highest level of whiteness in Japan, by increasing the whiteness of the raw pulp. Though bulky, this is a high-class printer paper with excellent surface smoothness, affinity to laser and inkjet printers as well as offset printing, and outstanding color reproducibility.
Though uncoated, its combination of unique softness and moist texture lends it to ample use not only as printer paper but also for packaging and other paper products.

Suitable for diverse printing needs

With a high level of smoothness despite its low density, this multi-purpose paper is compatible with offset printing, laser printers and inkjet printers, providing a beautiful finish in each of these methods.

Ink jet printer

Ink jet printer   

Laser printer

Laser printer

Offset printing

Offset printing

Offset printing

Offset printing

FSC® certification acquired

This product has acquired FSC® certification. FSC® is an international system established not only to provide third-party certification that forests are being managed properly but also to guarantee that a product has been made using certified wood obtained from there. Just using “Snow Crystal”, as an FSC® certified product, means making a positive contribution to protect the environment.

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  • Business cards, other cards
  • Tickets
  • Product tags
  • Postcards, price tags
  • Calendars
  • Packaging, etc.

Can be used for a wide range of purposes.


A broad range of types from thin to thick.

  • Basis weight: 64.0, 81.4, 104.7, 127.9, 157.0, 186.1, 209.3 g/m2
    (Please inquire for thinner or thicker types outside this range.)
  • Available dimensions are (636×939mm)vertical* and (636×939mm)vertical / horizontal*.
  • On request, we can also supply rolls, (788×1091mm)vertical and (788×1091mm)horizontal.

*This indicates the grain direction of the paper fibers.

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