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Alumic (metalized paper)

“Alumic”, Oji’s vapor deposition processed paper

Alumic is an Oji F-Tex product made by melting and evaporating aluminum at ultra-high temperature in a vacuum depositor, then cooling the aluminum on top of paper to form a thin continuous film. This thin metal film has less than 1/350th of the thickness of ordinary aluminum foil and leaves hardly any ash when burnt. When glass bottles are recycled with normal aluminum foil labels still affixed, problems arise in the strength of the glass. With this product, however, the low aluminum content means that glass can be recycled without problem even with the Alumic label still affixed. As well as gold and silver finishes, glossy and matte tones are also available. Alumic can be used for a wide range of purposes including labels, packaging paper and commercial printing. アルミテック


Labels, posters, catalog covers, shopping bags, high-class packaging paper, origami, etc

Printing affinity

Compatible with various printing methods, including gravure, offset and UV.

This paper can be used with any kind of printing method, including gravure, offset and UV. With some methods, however, the Alumic overcoating agent needs to be changed. Please specify the printing method when ordering.

Product specifications

(1) Format: Rolls, sheets
(2) Max. width: 1,240mm
(3) Colors: Gold, silver, special colors

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