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Texcell Flush

“Texcell Flush” – can be flushed away in water

Evolution of materials creates a new wet tissue culture

“Texcell Flush” is a new type of water degradable non-woven fabric that has both ample strength as wet tissue and the function of dissolving quickly in water.  Can be used for a wide range of products including sanitary goods, baby goods and nursing goods that could not be flushed down the toilet before “Texcell Flush” entered into the market, making it possible to further expand the uses of wet tissue.

Characteristics of Texcell Flush

This is a non-wave fabric made from a blend of pulp and rayon, with fibers intertwined by spunlace (waterjet). As a result, it retains a soft and fluffy texture but at the same time is strong enough not to break even when wet with water. It easily degrades in water because the intertwined fibers unravel in the powerful flow of water when flushed down the toilet, thus there is no fear of the toilet getting blocked.  Has passed EDANA, the “Provisional standards on toilet flushables” of the Japan Association of Cleaning Tissue Industries. The secret of its high water degradability lies in the combination of pulp and rayon.


 Texcell FlushRayon spunlaceToilet paper
Manufacturing method Papermaking + spunlace Spunlace Papermaking
Raw materials Pulp + rayon Rayon Papermaking
Characteristics ・A non-woven fabric made by firmly intertwining natural pulp and rayon fibers.
・Has the softness of natural pulp fibers and rayon fibers.
・The fibers firmly intertwine and are strong even when wet. In a large flow of water, the fibers unravel, meaning that the product can be flushed down the toilet without blocking it.
・ A non-woven fabric made by intertwining rayon fibers.
・Has the softness of rayon fibers.
・Strength does not change in large volumes of water, thus cannot be flushed down the toilet.
・Made of pulp 100%, so soft.
・Fibers degrade in water, so can be flushed down the toilet without blocking it.
・Weakens and breaks when wet.
Strength ×
Water degradable ×

Excellent water degradability and texture when compared with other companies’ products.

“Texcell Flush” excels in the quality of its texture, its strength, and its fast water degradability when compared with other companies’ products made from pulp and rayon.

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Manufacturing specifications

We can manufacture to order on request.

Basis weight 43.0~50.0g/㎡
Effective width MAX.2000mm
Ordering lots Subject to consultation

Convenience enhanced by water flushability!
A variety of possibilities opens up with “Texcell Flush”.

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“Texcell Flush” fibers unravel in water flow

When “Texcell Flush” is put into water and shaken up and down, the fibers disintegrate as shown in the photos. No such change in form is seen when shaking tissue paper the same number of times.

Texcell Flush

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Before shaking


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After shaking

Tissue paper

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Before shaking


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After shaking

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