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Greaseproof paper (non-fluorinated greaseproof paper)

This is Oji F-Tex’s own greaseproof paper, made without using organic fluorine compounds which are suspected of long-term toxicity.

On the safety of fluorine-based greaseproof paper, the risk of long-term toxicity (human body cumulativeness) in PFA (perfluorooctane acid: C8 organic fluorine compound) was reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2002. Although research on the long-term toxicity of the C6 organic compound (PFHxA) used today is currently underway in various countries, Oji F-Tex has developed a new greaseproof paper that uses no fluorine-based substances at all.

Excellent oil resistance

Comparative experiment using greaseproof paper and PPC paper

Sheets of Oji F-Tex greaseproof paper 38g/m2 and 50g/m2 and PPC paper 70g/m2 were placed over wood-free paper. Olive oil was then dripped onto the sheets and left for 3 minutes, after which the sheets were removed and the level of staining on the paper was observed.

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耐油紙とPPC用紙の比較実験 en arrow 耐油紙とPPC用紙の比較実験


After 3 minutes, no olive oil had penetrated to the wood-free paper through the Oji F-Tex greaseproof paper, which is about half as thick as PPC paper.

Lets moisture escape, deep-fried foods don’t go soggy, retain a freshly-made feeling.


Bags were made of Oji F-Tex greaseproof paper and polylaminated paper, freshly deep-fried croquettes were placed in them and left for an hour, and the bags were photographed.

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Bag made of polylaminated paper   


Bag made of Oji F-Tex greaseproof paper



As the photographs show, more drops of water were observed on the bag made of polylaminated paper.

Excellent processability

  • Produces beautiful results from multicolored and solid printing without repelling ink in gravure printing, flexographic printing, and offset printing.

A wide range of variation

Product variationBasis weight range (g/m2)Purpose Stock
Basis weight (g/m2)Format


greaseproof HS

Ultra-thin paper 23~37 Hamburger wraps Made to order Rolls


greaseproof WF

Wood-free paper 38~70 Flat bags, square-bottom bags 38、50 Rolls, sheets

Helping to protect the global environment

  • This product is recyclable as waste paper.
  • By switching to greaseproof paper with a low basis weight, waste can be reduced (resources conserved) and distribution costs can also be cut.
  • Compared to polylaminated paper, carbon dioxide emissions during manufacture can be reduced by 15% (calculated value).
  • On request, this product can also be subject to CoC certification.
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